In July 2019, the Gitsegukla Men’s Group went on a fishing trip to Kincolith, BC. They were able to fund the trip by essentially combining two different programs into one. The Gitsegukla Health Center has a program to supply elders in our community with traditional foods, especially for those who do not have the means […..]

In a time of housing shortage, the Gitsegukla First Nation was able to complete the new 6-Plex housing project, which aims to create housing opportunities for smaller families and those who need adequate accessibility. These 3 bedroom/2 bathroom units are constructed from prefabricated units, which all have the same floor plan. Though this housing project […..]

Please be advised that crews and equipment will begin the work of installing a new water main in your area starting on Monday, September 16th. This work will likely result in road closures, detours and intermittent disruptions to water services for approximately two weeks. A representative from Canyon Contracting will be around to consult all […..]