The recent outbreaks of COVID-19 have raised some concerns about community safety, especially for those who are more vulnerable to the effects of the virus. As such, Gitsegukla Administration, has taken some precautionary measures to ensure the least amount of impact to our community members, and specifically, to our elders and those with pre-existing medical conditions.

As part of these measures, we are limiting access to the community offices (Admin Office, Health Center, and School). Access to these areas will be restricted to Staff Only until further notice. During this time, our staff will be working remotely (from home), and will be keeping up with the daily operations of our community to the best of their ability.

In order to maintain adequate communication with our community members, key departments will still have access to their office phones. All staff members will have access to their email during this time, and we encourage everyone who needs to contact our departments, to do so through email, whenever possible. You can also contact each department through the contact form below.

Update (March 28th, 2020): SINGLE POINT OF ACCESS – With the COVID-19 virus getting closer to Gitsegukla, it is extremely vital to ensure our community protection measures work. Some people have decided not to abide by the community restrictions set in place to protect our community members. To help keep a close tally on visitors, travelers, and those who may end up bringing back the virus with them, the gatekeepers have closed off one side of the intersection. Now the only accessible entrance and exit to our community is beside the Band Office. Read more here.

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