Introducing Glen! Our New Education Coordinator

“My name is Glen Guthrie and I have a B.A. in Archaeology and a MSc. in Biological Sciences. My interests include fossils, natural history, rockets, fish and wildlife, and many other hobbies.  I worked for the Dene of central Northwest Territories for 9 years in the Sahtu Settlement Area where I created many educational programs for schools in five communities. The programs included hunting, trapping and fishing projects and fisheries habitat projects. I also worked with local harvesters investigating mercury contamination of subsistence fish, as well as numerous other climate change and industry-related negative impact studies to habitat, fish and wildlife. I look forward to working for the Gitsegukla Band as the new Education Administrator and am very happy after the first week of work.”

Glen’s office is located at the Gitsegukla Learning Center.