Capital Projects

Our Projects

Over the past two years, the Gitsegukla First Nation has been involved in several community developments. At the end of 2018, we completed the 6-plex housing project, providing 6 new low cost housing opportunities to our community members. At the end of 2019, we completed the new water main project, improving the water supply infrastructure and the quality of service. This project also included a new water reservoir.

The Reservoir

Over the summer, the Canyon Contracting Company was hard at work installing our new water infrastructure. Aside from a new water main being put into the ground and distributed to each home, we also have a new water reservoir for our community. This new reservoir is 3 times bigger than the previous one, and is capable of supplying water to Gitsegukla for (insert) days after our water supply is interrupted.

We’d like to thank the Canyon Contracting Company and our O&M crew for making this project happen.

New Headstart Building

This year (2019) we’ve begun laying the foundation for a new Headstart building. The construction of the new facility will begin in February of 2020. The current plan is to have a fully fenced facility with 4 offices, a kitchen, common areas, washrooms and utility room, significantly enhancing the current facility.

6-Plex Housing Units (Completed)

In 2018, we completed the 6-plex housing project. This 6 unit pre-fabricated apartment complex sits at the west end of Gitsegukla, and provides housing opportunities for 6 families. Each unit has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a laundry room, a living room/kitchen and various storage areas. All of the bottom units are wheelchair accessible.

This project was a big success for Gitsegukla as it is the first time we’ve seen a new housing opportunity in a while.