Public Works

Public Works makes up the main gears of our community.
Maintenance, Water & Waste System Management, Garbage/Recycling, and Repairs are all handled by our Public Works crew, managed by Darrell Turner.


Our community is maintained by our dedicated O&M workers. They are responsible for the general upkeep of the community, including but not limited to, Garbage/Recycling Collection, Road Maintenance, General Home Repairs for Elders and those with Disabilities, Heavy Equipment Maintenance, Water Treatment Management, Waste-Water Treatment and System Maintenance.

Garbage & Recycling

Our community‚Äôs garbage and recycling program is maintained by our O&M crew. Garbage collection is Every Thursday, beginning at the top of the village and ending at the bottom. 

In order to keep to a timely schedule, we must ask a few requirements of our residents. To have your garbage collected, you must have your garbage bin at the end of your driveway by the time collection begins (if this means putting it out the night before, then please do so)