Northern Health has issued a drug overdose alert for Northern BC. For more info, see the below PDF posting.

The Gitsegukla Gymnasium/Hall will be unavailable for the foreseeable future due to a water line rupture during the cold weather. See below posting for more info.

Limited Printed Applications Outside of Band Office Please submit to the black drop box upon completion before January 5, 2021

16 pg Newsletter of Events and Information from Gitsegukla Administration, Health and Education! Will be printed and delivered door to door soon!

Here you can find the digital copy of the documentation supplied for the 2021 Gitsegukla AGM Meeting.

Please see the below notice.

Please see the below notice regarding recycling collection.

Please see the below weather notification in Northern BC.

Please see the below notice regarding the Annual General Meeting.


Gitsegukla is looking to purchase firewood for its elders and other members in need of firewood. Please see below notice for more information.